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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaningIf your home is your pride, your happy place and you want to impress your houseguests, you might want to consider keeping it clean and fresh. However, all these stains on your sofa make it unpleasant place to sit. We can help here - book our top-class upholstery cleaning Rochdale service and get rig of all wine, beer, coffee, dirt, ink etc. types of stains. In order to keep your upholstery up to par, regular cleaning sessions are required – depending on the frequency of use and the amount of dirt that is being accumulated. With regular use and normal living, upholstery can accumulate dust and dead human skins cells that are invisible to the human eye. Those, however small, can cause respiratory issues and lead to allergic reactions in some individuals. Make all of this a distant possibility rather than a reality.

Benefits Of Booking Us

You can once again enjoy a clean as the new sofa or sued chair, with our professional help you can enjoy it for a longer period of time, using a special detergent, we can prevent dirt from sticking to the fibers of your upholstery while also making it easier to clean. If you call and book today, you can also enjoy:

  • No more cracks on leather
  • Deep fiber cleaning
  • Fine dust and grime removal
  • Odor extraction and neutralization
  • Contaminant extraction

Call 01706 530002 to learn about other benefits that our professional upholstery cleaning can offer, or to acquire more about the ones mentioned above. 

Upholstery - Steam Cleaning
Armchair £20
Two-seater Sofa £33
Three-seated Sofa £40
Sofa by seat £13
Dining chairs £7
Dry Upholstery Cleaning
Armchair £55
Two-seater Sofa £75
Three-seated Sofa £90
Sofa by seat £30
Dining chair £30


How We Do It

Leather treatment – while we do fiber cleaning, we won’t leave the owners of leather upholstered furniture behind. With this service, we can perform different procedures that will remove stains, rejuvenate the leather, prevent cracking or remedy already existing one as well as fix ware marks on older pieces of furniture. For disheveled natural and synthetic leather, we use a special moisturizing solution which increases the moisture levels within the leather, making it more flexible and less likely to break or crack. If stains are present we use a hand towel and one of out 50 specialized detergents suitable for leather treatment which will remove the stains without damaging the leather, while keeping the natural oils inside of the leather.

Upholstery Steam cleaning – thanks to the powerful jet we can produce with our narrow nozzle, we can reach deep into the fibers of any upholstery while maintaining good pH levels and prevent from toxins entering the materials. We can clean down even the deepest folds of any sofa or another type of furniture and do it without using dangerous and heavy chemicals that can cause issues with some individuals. To properly administer the treatment we first hoover the surface to remove contaminants then treat any outstanding stains, after which we apply the high-pressure steam jet onto the fibers, it immediately removes the stains and dirt while also rejuvenating the fibers and colors. 

Easy-To-Book Rochdale Cleaners

Call our team 01706 530002 and simply specify what type of furniture you have, we can send a supervisor over to take a look and determine the proper procedures to be used, free of charge, while also giving you an accurate price estimation. You can also get one free of charge over the phone, saving time and the effort and get your furniture cleaned with professional upholstery cleaning in Rochdale. You can combine the furniture cleaning with the carpet cleaning.