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Bella Cleaners RochdaleBella Cleaners Ltd. is a compact team of dedicated cleaners and technicians covering the proper home and office care in the entire borough of Rochdale. We come from humble beginnings and know what it is like to be on a tight budget, which is why all of our services, even the premium ones, are priced at reasonable rates with several discounts and special offers available to lower the already affordable prices further down.

Each month we have something new for you, so don't warry around and follow us on our social media. If you want to contact us there are several venues which are covered 24/7 – by phone at 01706 530002, using the one-click booking form or by visiting the live chat where we can answer all of your questions and address any concerns you may have.

Why Book Us?

Then moment you call you get access to all of our exclusive premium treatments designed to alleviate any worries you have and give you what you were looking for while also protecting your family from allergen and toxin exposure. There is also:

  • A comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Full customer support
  • No deposit booking
  • Free private viewings and quotes
  • No hassle, quick booking

You can always get your home cleaned during the weekend or bank holiday, late at night or early morning – all of which free of any extra charge.

Healthier home

By choosing us you choose to have a healthier home – we are now using a new line of biodegradable detergents that have been optimized as to deliver the best results possible while keeping toxins and pollutant levels to a minimum. Proven to have beneficial effects on people with asthma, our allergen removal detergents naturalize any dust and pollen in your house, reducing the chance of respiratory issues occurring in both adults and children.

Eco-friendly Choice

We are the eco-friendly choice in Rochdale, Greater Manchester – with the bio-degradable choice of solvents and stain removal detergents; we not only keep your family safe but also manage to keep toxic waste from seeping into underground water sources. All detergents are produced and used in eco-friendly ways, reducing gas emissions and preventing from the further pollution of air soil. 

Bella Cleaners Ltd.

92 Princes Street | OL16 6HY | Rochdale, Manchester | Tel: +44 01706 530002 | info@bellacleanersrochdale.co.uk 

You have full customer coverage 24/7, regardless if a new or an old customer, pick up the phone and call us today – free of charge.

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