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Rug Cleaning in Rochdale

rug cleaners rochdaleWorried that you might damage your Persian rug? Leave it to the professionals to handle anything from dirt accumulation to a wide catalogue of stains and much more. We at Bella Cleaners Rochdale produce some of the best results and specialise in the cleaning of oriental and exotic rugs, using all natural and safe methods and detergents that guarantee the safety of fibers and colours while easily dealing with the accumulated grime.Benefits of booking our rug cleaning in Rochdale, Greater ManchesterIts hassle free, simple as that – while our cleaners deal with whatever it is that you need to be cleaned, you can be elsewhere or enjoy time with your family and not have to worry about the results, how to clean exactly and other mundane things. You will also enjoy:

  • Thoroughly cleaned fibers
  • No leftover marks from stains
  • No excess moisture when cleaning
  • Quick drying
  • Fiber and colour treatments

If you need more information on the mentioned above or want the full list of benefits, call 01706 530002 and our team will be sure to share all the necessary details. 

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How Does The Professional Rug Cleaners Work In Rochdale

Dry foam and compound cleaning – there are several ways that we can handle a project that requires a low or no moisture approach. Some fibers do not fare well with heat and moisture, this is when we use our dry compound approach which removes any moisture in the fibers, while also extracting stains, dirt and dust accumulations using a fine brush to embed it into the textile and a strong vacuum machine to extract it along with all of the contaminants. The rug cleaner treats the rug with foam when some moisture is allowed though it is used only on the stain as a way of dissolving then immediately removing it from the fibers without causing any damage to their integrity or colours. 

rug cleaning rochdaleRug Steam cleaning – is more suitable for synthetic and woolen materials as they can withstand both the heat and moisture used in the treatment. Its power comes from the high pressure and heat mixture of steam and detergent, it literally dissolves the bond between the stain and the fibers, dragging it up and extracting it along with 95% of the moisture used in the cleaning process.  Our detergents have anti-fungal properties so the leftover moisture will be dissipated within 2-3 hours of cleaning without the chance of mold growth. To clean properly we prepare the rug by hovering first then applying solvents on hard to remove stains, then we utilise our mixture using the steam machine which also draws everything out.

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Book Rug Cleaning Service From Bella Rug Cleaners Rochdale

No sure which one to choose when filling in the booking form? Then just call Bella Cleaners Rochdale. Our 24/7 customer help hotline and our reps will be sure to give you advise on which would best fit your rugs specifications. Remember, dry cleaning for delicate and natural materials, steam cleaning for synthetic and woolen ones. If you have any more questions, you can call or have them addressed in our live chat you can join even now.