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Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaningWhen sleeping we shed quite a lot of micro hairs and dead skin cells, and with time, this enters the mattress, regardless of how often you change the bed sheets. Bed bugs and dust mites love our skin cells and use it for food, breeding and defecating on the mattress, increasing their numbers until a certain point. Our mattress cleaning prices are reliable and you can take % off if you order another treatment. Our cleaners are skilled and know how to treat different types of mattresses including memory foam, gel, pillow tops, innerspring, latex, water beds, air beds. Prevent bed mattress from these bugs and from infections by calling 01706 530002and asking for Bella Cleaners Rochdale special cleaning treatments.

Mattress Steam Cleaning
Single Mattress £18
Dry Mattress Cleaning
Single Mattress £48

Why Book This Service?

While mattress cleaners are clearing away bed bugs or dust mites, we can also extract stains and remove odours from any bed mattress. We even do memory foam mattress cleaning. 

  • Full bed best extermination and removal
  • Bed stains gone
  • Pet odours and hair removal
  • Full anti-fungal and bacterial treatments
  • Fresh, naturally smelling bed mattress

And the best part is – the matress cleaners don’t use any harmful detergents or chemicals that can harm you or your family, but instead utilise optimized bio-degradable detergents and solutions.

Proven Cleaning & Bed Bugs Removal Techniques

U.V Lights treatment

Unlike the rays emitted by the Sun, human produced U.V rays do not harm the fibers or colours of textiles, but are as deadly for organic life as their natural counterparts. Using state of the art lamps, we can fully exterminate any bed pest, without using chemicals or detergents, producing allergen free bed mattresses and pillows, at a reasonable rate. When done we extract all of the carcasses and fecal matter using a powerful negative pressure machine, delivering you a clean, fungus and bed pest free mattress.

Steam mattress cleaning

For the mattress stain removal and extraction, and neutralization of odours, it's perfect for home and office use, because of its portability and utility. Using natural detergents and ingredients we can treat all mattress types out there, producing fine clean results without any toxins or chemicals being present in your bedroom. We extract stains with a narrow nozzle attachment that simultaneously dissolves the stain using high-pressure steam, extracting all of the contaminants and 95% of the moisture. 

Same Day Service Available

We can offer you same day and even off hours mattress cleaning appointments. We work every day from 8 AM until 6 PM. Also available on bank holidays. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything and be sure to receive your free price estimation and exclusive information on saving money with Bella Cleaners Rochdale.