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Of course you can, in fact we encourage that at least one person from the household we are cleaning is in present, as to testify for the proper cleaning of the home.

We can move medium sized furniture, but would prefer if the customer moved any larger objects that would obstruct the cleaning process.

Our team has invested in bio products that do not use any heavy chemicals making them safe for use around children and pets.

Certainly we can, just take a look at our services page and see what fits you best.

Anywhere between three and six months would be a good interval for home cleaning, especially for larger households.

No, they would be perfectly safe. No harmful fumes will be emitted during or after the cleaning process.

Submit a booking form or call us on (phone number) and specify your needs to the customer rep team.

You can move any heavy furniture before us arriving, it would help us out immensely and help us clean a lot more thoroughly.

In such instances you can use our live chat or call the 24/7 hotline at (phone number) and simply specify your needs.

Use any of the three supported venues of enquiry (phone/ Live chat/ booking form) and our reps will be sure to answer any questions.

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